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Thefollowing process is followed by the institute for testing of machines.


The applicant isrequest to submit 3 copies of application form in the prescribed format fortesting of machine separately for each machine. The form can be obtained fromthe institute on payment of Rs. 50. On line application for testing can also besubmitted. The link is provided on home page of website the application form and submit. Note the registration No. and print theapplication form. It can also be download from the website institute andsubmitted together with a Demand Draft of Rs. 50.


The applicationforms together with DD of test fee, tax & application charge the detailedspecification of the machine, technical literature such as operator manual,spare parts catalogue, service manual etc. and the full test fee is required tobe submitted to the institute.


The test fee (asrevised from time to time) and service tax is required to be deposited by wayof demand draft drawn in favour Administrative Officer, NRFMT&TI &payable at State Bank of India, Hisar (Haryana). Two separate demand draft fortest fee and service procedure followed for testing.


The receipt ofapplication is acknowledged.


The receivedapplication complete with all details and specifications is placed in thewaiting list of the appropriate category of machine.


Upon their turn,the applicant is informed to submit the machine for test.


The machine istested (lab and field test) with reference to the relevant standards or testprocedure derived.


Final inspectionof the machine is carried out together with the wear analysis and chemicalcomposition of critical components.


After completionof all tests, the collected data is analyzed and draft report in thestandardized format is prepared.


After scrutinyof the draft report at different levels, the draft report is released thecomments of applicant.


The commentsfrom the applicant are to received within 15 days of the release of DTR. If notreceived the final decision is that the testing authority.


The comments ofapplicant, if any, are examined. If there are of editorial nature, then theseare corrected in the report. The comments, if any, are incorporated in thefinal report under separate chapter as applicants comments.


Final report isreleased under the signature of Testing Engineer. Head of the TestingLaboratory and Head of the Institution.


3 copies offinal report are released to applicant free of cost. Additional copes if anyrequired are supplied @ Rs. 200 per copy.


After therelease of final test report, the machine (test sample) is released to theapplicant. Applicant shall take back the machine/test sample within 30 days.