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The following process is followed by the institute for testing ofmachines.

ü  The applicant is request to submit 3 copies of application form inthe prescribed format for testing of machine separately for each machine. The formcan be obtained from the institute website.

ü  The machine is required to be randomly selected from applicant’s works.The size of lot should be as per the cost of machine as stated in ministriesorder.

ü  The application form along with specification and date of randomsampling should be submitted to the institute.

ü  The test fees should be deposited online Bharatkosh portal as per flow diagram given in Testing charges 2019-20.

ü  The GST at the prevailed rate is to be deposited separately againstthe challan issued by the institute, which will be issued only after receipt oftest fee.

ü  The machine is tested (lab and field test) with reference to therelevant standards or test procedure derived.

ü  Final inspection of the machine is carried out together with thewear analysis and chemical composition of critical components.

ü  After completion of all tests, the collected data is analyzed anddraft report in the standardized format is prepared.

ü  After scrutiny of the draft report at different levels, the draftreport is released for the comments of applicant.

ü  The comments from the applicant are to received with in the periodspecified with release of draft test report. If not received the final decisionin that the testing authority.

ü  The comments of applicant, if any are examined. If there are ofeditorial nature, then these are corrected in the report. The comments, if any,are incorporated in the final report under separate chapter as applicant’scomments.

ü  Final report is released under the signature of Testing authorityand Head of the institution.

ü  After the release of final test report, the machine (test sample) isreleased to the applicant. Applicant shall take back the machine/test samplewithin 30 days.