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Govt. of India set up the testingwing of this Institute in the   year 1972. It acts as an important link between manufacturers andusers of Agricultural machines as well as other agencies responsible for theintroduction and popularization of farm equipments. Two types of tests i.e. commercialand confidential are carried out at the Institute. Commercial tests areaimed to verify the declarations / claims of the manufacturer/ applicant forperformance characteristics of machines that are in or ready for commercialproduction. Confidential tests are carried out for providing confidentialinformation on the performance of machines, whether ready for commercialproduction or not or to provide any special data that may be required by themanufacturer / applicant.

The testing wing of this Instituteis equipped with specialized and modern  scientific equipments/ instruments for conducting various tests on a widerange of agricultural machines The testing wing has following operationallaboratories for testing of Agricultural machines and equipments

Engine Test Laboratory.

Plant Protection Equipment TestLaboratory.

Irrigation PumpTest Laboratory

Implement TestLaboratory.

Fuel Filter TestLaboratory.

Design andDrawing Section.


Computer Cell andReprographic Section.

This Institute is authorized by the Ministry to testCombine Harvesters. The testing wing is fullycommissioned to take up the tests on Self-propelled combines and engines havingoutput capacity from fractional horsepower up-to 700 kW.

The institute has also been authorized to issue CMVR certificates to thecombine harvester manufacturer under rule 126 of the Central Motor VehiclesRules 1989 by Ministry of  Road Transport and Highways.