Frequently Asked Questions(Ask Your Question)


1. Which of the agricultural equipment require CMVR certification?


2. What is the difference between the training programmes undertaken by Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institutes and by other organizations?


3. What is the source of information for such training programmes?


4. Is confidential test report can be converted in commercial test report?


5. What is confidential test?


6. What is commercial test?


7. Which are the target groups of the beneficiaries for various training programmes undertaken by the Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institutes?


8. Can anyone purchase the copies of test reports?


9. Whether any report is released on implements/machines after completion of tests?


10. What is the basis of Testing?


11. What is the objective of testing?


12. Why testing?


13. Is the testing of agricultural machinery mandatory?


14. Where is NRFMT & TI located?


15. What is the network of FMT&TIs?


16. What are the objectives of NRFMTTI


17. When was NRFMTTI established


18. What is Northern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute?

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