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Northern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute(NRFMTTI), Hisar (Haryana). 
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/75th Independence day celebration.JPG
    75th Independence Day Celebration
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/A kid as Bharat Mata.JPG
    A kid as bharat mata
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/A view of Independence day celebration.JPG
    A view of independence day celebration
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Appreciating the best staff.JPG
    Appreciating the best staff
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Chief Guest encouraging a  child.JPG
    Chief Guest encouraging a child
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Cultural activity.JPG
    Cultural activity
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Distributing prize to the winners.JPG
    Distributing prize to the winners
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Dr. Mukesh Jain, Director being welcomed during 75th Independence day.JPG
    Director being welcomed during 75th Independence day
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Enthusiastic kids.JPG
    Enthusiastic kids
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Females participating in Rangoli competition.JPG
    Females participating in Rangoli competition
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Independence day celebration.JPG
    Independence day celebration
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Judging the best rangoli.JPG
    Judging the best rangoli
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Muscial chair competition for males.JPG
    Muscial chair competition for males
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Musical chair competition for females.JPG
    Musical chair competition for females
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Participants of fancy dress competition.JPG
    Participants of fancy dress competition
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Participants of slow cycling event.JPG
    Participants of slow cycling event
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Paticipation during rangoli competition.JPG
    Paticipation during rangoli competition
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Poem recitation during Independence day.JPG
    Poem recitation during Independence day
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Prize distribution by Director.JPG
    Prize distribution by Director
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Staff alongwith their family and trainees.JPG
    Staff alongwith their family and trainees
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Staff participating in slow cycling event.JPG
    Staff participating in slow cycling event
  • ./writereaddata/CImages/Trainees participating with full enthusiasm.JPG
    Trainees participating with full enthusiasm